If you would’ve walked into any classroom at any given time this week at MMS you would’ve encountered, crazy wigs, home-made elephant trunks, boys who dyed their hair pink, unicorn hats, horse hats, Dr. Suess pajamas, John Deere sleep pants, huntin’ hats, Pittsburgh Steelers hats, MSU hats, dresses, suits and ties, etc. It was Spirit Week this week. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. That’s a gift and a curse.

Monday was Crazy Hair Day (I just didn’t do my hair…)

Tuesday was Favorite Book Character Day (It’s very annoying having a really long nose just so ya know ๐Ÿ™‚ I was Horton Hears a who)

Wednesday was Pajama Day (John Deere baby!)

Thursday (today) was Hat Day (I didn’t know what hat to wear so in the morning I wore both. But then I wore my “huntin’ hat” (camouflage) for 3rd hour but then after lunch I wore my Steelers hat.)

Friday (tomorrow) is Dress To Impress. (I will be wearing a dress with leggings and a sweater…. more details tomorrow!)

To all the people who don’t participate in Spirit Week—


Crazy Hair: Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, don’t do ANYTHING to your hair

Pajamas: Wake up, take a shower, put your pajamas back on

Favorite Book Character: wake up, take a shower, wear whatever you want, grab 4 pieces of lined paper 1st paper: Your Name by: Your Name 2nd paper: My name is ______ 3rd paper: I’m ____ years old 4th paper: THE END!, carry the book around and whenever people ask you what you are show them your autobiography… you can even skip the age thing if your a teacher…. hahaha

Dress To Impress: make sure that you don’t do laundry for awhile so that you have no choice but to dress up, or just lower the expectations of the person you want to impress

Hat Day: Wear a hoodie and wear the hood

Favorite College/University: wear a shirt with writing on it and tell people its a new college

Leave a comment if you’re about to face a spirit week and have no clue what your gonna do. I can help… ๐Ÿ™‚


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