The Full Story

Before REACH (Reading, Ethics, Academics, Character, Homework) today at school I was trying to get my friend, Alana’s’s attention but accidentally got her table partner, Jackson Morse’s attention. I say accidentally because I absolutely hate him and didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. He smiled at me, as always. Then, he did something I didn’t expect. He pulled an Adrian. An Adrian, named from one of my friends is when you ask the teacher to go to the bathroom just so you can see somebody. Yup. He pulled an Adrian. Smiled, stared, pretended to talk towards the bathroom. Then, after 4th hour which poor Alana also has Jackson for she told me that she told him I hated him but he didn’t even know who I was. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jackson was walking down the hall at that time and Alana yelled, “This is Emma!” Pointing to me. Embarrassing. He smiled at me and as we walked opposite directions next to each other I said, “Hola!” Knowing he takes Spanish and the embarrassment of the moment I just blurted it out and ever since that every time he sees me he smiles and stares. At. Me. No. Just. No.


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