This Time Last Year…

This time last year I was telling my crush, Sam Watters that I liked him. Well, my friend Mandee was but all that mattered was that my crush was about to know that I liked him. But this year that doesn’t matter. You might be thinking, of course, girls your age never like the same guy for very long. I don’t like him anymore. This year I like someone else. Logan. Logan Bahm. And I thought that he liked me but I recently heard news that may indicate that he doesn’t like me. And that’s okay. Then, theres Jack. Jackson Morse. Today on my way to lunch I was walking with one of my friends, Sophia and Jack was ahead of us. Then he stopped and turned around. Then he stood there and as we walked past him he smiled at me. Then started following us to the cafeteria… I really think that he might like me. I don’t really like him because he seems stuck up but maybe he’s not.


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