Pure Craziness

Well, I survived a weekend with my brother and three of his friends. Pure craziness. Shooting me with foam guns, shooting my cats with foam guns, cutting down trees, shooting tin cans, yelling and screaming at 11:00 at night. More pure craziness. And I had to sit next to one of them at lunch today. That might not seem like such a bad thing but we hold hands when we pray for our meals. I had to remind myself it was better than having to hold hands with Jack Morse A.K.A Jamo. Not that the guys that were my house are gross or anything. It was just embarrassing to have to hold hands with one of them. Look up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcmF-7vtiW4


And by the way if my brother or any of his friends are reading this, no my blog is nothing like Facebook when it first came out. I blog whenever I feel inspired. Not hourly as my brother said during lunch. I should’ve said so then but didn’t. Oh, well.


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