This Week

This week was amazing! Through many substitute teachers and many new favorite songs and many funny stories. Such as, “Emma, can you please change your voice level to a voice level 1? I was trying to help someone but you’re so loud.” This comment from our wonderful substitute teacher for science, Mr. Brunner made me laugh hysterically. And I have a really loud laugh. REALLY LOUD! Other funny stories consist of accidentally deleting very important things, taping creepy faces on peoples lockers, dropping binders, falling down stairs, hitting my head, closing peoples lockers when they still need things out of it, and many more practical jokes. Maybe not so practical. Maybe just typical 7th grade things. I wrote a song to the tune of the song The 12 Days Of Christmas about annoying boys. Also, this week many times I was told that I like Jack Morse A.K.A Jamo. My response, “No. Just no.” I don’t like him. Why would I like him? Seriously, give me 1 reason why I would like him? If you can’t come up with any don’t worry about it. I couldn’t either. Just the thought of Jamo bothers me. But my two friends, Sophia and Sierra are pretty sure that he likes me. Following me to drinking fountains, smiling at me in the hallway… possibly. But I hope not. I pray not. But gets really annoying is people telling me I like him when I didn’t even know who he was until about 2 weeks ago. Yeah. I didn’t know who the most popular 7th grader was until about 2 weeks ago. I’d seen him in the hallway but I didn’t match the name to the face. Probably because I didn’t want to look at his face….. hahahahaha.


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