This Generation

This generation is growing up with the idea that if you don’t have a phone or a Twitter or a Facebook or Instagram, you aren’t cool or you don’t have friends. Almost everyone at my school has a phone, an Instagram and some have a Twitter and/or Facebook. And the kids that don’t seem to be the kids no one pays attention to. Sometimes I turn my phone off or don’t get on kik because I feel like some people don’t communicate with me except through technology. If someone really wants to get a hold of me or really wants to talk to me, there going to have to do it a different way than my phone or technology. I have a phone and kik but sometimes I like to do an experiment, to see who my true friends are. This generation needs to learn that they don’t need an iPhone to be happy, they don’t need to have 600 followers on Instagram to have true friends, they don’t need to tweet everything on Twitter. When you die, it doesn’t matter how many followers you had on Instagram, or what iPhone you had, if you even had an iPhone. It doesn’t even matter now but this crazy generation thinks it does. Some days when I wake up I’m afraid of what this world is coming to. I am. I am.


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