I laugh really loud. Really loud. And at the worst moments. I’ve learned I’m really bad at holding back laughter. I’ve tried everything. Thinking of sad things, biting my lip, sticking my teeth together, etc. But nothing works. I’ll be in the middle of the hardest test ever such as the MEAP and I’ll think of a joke I heard or a comedian I’d seen and just laugh right out loud. Of course, in these serious settings everyone is wondering whats laughing. Sorry? Laughter is good. For example, I had to do my current event last week and I did it about the typhoon in the Philippines. Mr. McKennon went back to what he calls a map, that I’m apparently the only person who sees through the map and can see its actually a wall. It’s not even a real wall. Well, anyway, Mr. McKennon went back to show the class where the Philippines was. Then he was talking about how people usually think they should hand out money to help but really they need food and water. This made me laugh. Not because a bunch of people needing food and water is funny. My dad used to be in the Louisiana National Guard and he’s always having dreams about being in the military and yells in his sleep. Once he had a dream that he was passing out money after the hurricane in Louisiana and that’s what made me laugh. Me remembering how my dad was talking in his sleep. Like I said, the worst moments.


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