Huzza! Huzza!

In Mr. Kabodian’s English class we are reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. I went around the class asking everybody if they had a weird crow feet stamp thingamabob in the front of their book. No one did. Harrison Hamlin, one of my friends from kindergarten joked that it was the International Huzza! Huzza! Sign. Also, I was looking for Mr. Kabodian and asked Harrison if he knew where he was. He replied, “He’s right behind you.” I figured Mr. Kabodian wouldn’t actually be right behind me but because I’m so gullible I turned around anyway. I am now scarred for life. There he was. Harrison is magical… That was definitely a Huzza! Huzza! moment, as Huzza! Huzza! means, congrats, or a sign of accomplishment. That was definitely an accomplishment, making Mr. Kabodian appear out of nowhere. Is Harrison’s life a sci-fi movie?


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