Teachers & Substitute Teachers

Teachers always have an effect on me. They either show me what kind of teacher I want to be when I’m a teacher someday or they show me what kind of teacher I don’t want to be someday. Both kind of teachers are always my favorites. They all inspire me. Either to be as of a teacher as them or inspire me to be a better teacher than they were. Substitute teachers have the same effect on me. I’ve had many teachers over the years even though I’m only in 7th grade. Mrs. Strouse, Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Ziara, Ms. Wagner, Ms. Otis, Ms. Clugston, Ms. Brewster, Mr. Silker, Mrs. Brock, Mr. Sigh, Mrs. Nickelson, Mrs. Kroth, Mrs. Sigh, Ms. Isreal, Ms. Olivarez, Mr. Hyde, Mr. White, Mrs. Valdespino, Mr. McKennon, Mr. Kabodian, Mr. Lampi, Mrs. Pyne, Mrs. Orange, Mr. English, and many more to come. Mr. Robertson first inspired me to be a teacher and teachers to follow continued to inspire me. Mrs. Ziara, Mrs. Isreal and Ms. Otis all inspired me to be an author as well. My Spanish teachers, Mrs. Valdespino and Mr. Lampi both inspired me to be my best and learn Spanish. Mr. English, Mrs. Sigh and Mrs. Nickelson all inspired me to keep singing no matter what others told me or how nervous I was. Teachers might seem like just people that give us grades and tell us what to do but my teachers have always seemed like role models to me. They’ve always been there for me. Even lunch monitors. Mrs. Kitts and I were like best friends. Mrs. Kitts was a lunch monitor and at recess I would talk to her all the time. She helped me get through 5th and 6th grade. I told her everything. She was like a 2nd mom to me. She was the best. No matter what school I go to I always befriend a lunch monitor. That’s only partly the reason why school means so much to me.


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