Math Project

So, I haven’t felt very urged to write something persuasive or write at all. But recently Mrs. Pyne assigned my class a math project about integers. For those of you who it’s been awhile since you were in math class or you haven’t learned this yet, integers are negative and positive. So, we learned how to multiply, divide, add and subtract positive and negative numbers. Then, we had to make a game, a comic or a write a song to express our knowledge. My two friends Natalie, Hanna and I were in a group together. We made an integer football game. It was beautiful. We had spent a lot of time on it and we were ready to go. But of course I wanted to make it perfect. So, I took it home to work on it. Dedication. Turns out it stayed at home the day it was due. Not disorganized. Forgetfulness. I explained the situation to Mrs. Pyne which was frankly a waste of time. She told me it would be a day late. Minus 30%. I’m not saying that’s unfair. There should be a punishment for late work but 30% for 24 hours late. Something doesn’t quite add up. But of course I didn’t express this to Mrs. Pyne. Today I found out that we can redo it but we HAVE to do a comic. That doesn’t quite add up either. Game late, redo a comic. I didn’t do a comic. I guess she thought that was easiest. Now, don’t leave thinking I’m mad at Mrs. Pyne because I’m not. She has every single right as the person in charge to mark 30% off and every right to give us a chance to redo it and has every right to make it a comic only. I didn’t say she didn’t. But I just know now as a student how it feels and might possibly make a different choice when I’m a teacher. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a punishment for late work, maybe just not as harsh. Harsh? Is that the right word? Maybe strict is the word? I’ll just offer a little more grace. Now, don’t think I’m ungrateful for Mrs. Pyne offering redo’s because I am VERY grateful. In fact, when I turn my redo in I’m going to thank her personally. Maybe even write her a thank you card. You might wonder, “It’s just a redo.” It’s not just a redo. When I forgot that math project at home I not only let myself down but I let Natalie, Hanna and Mrs. Pyne down. That’s enough for me to do ANYTHING to make it better. It will never be an A on our grade books but at least it can be a C and not a D. Mrs. Pyne, if you’re reading this, thanks 🙂


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